Spotlight on: Katie Brayben (Carole King)

On playing Carole King …

‘I’m so thrilled and excited. Roles like this don’t come along very often – shows like this don’t come along very often either. It’s an incredible opportunity to play someone who actually exists which is a real gift, but also has huge responsibility with it as well. But it’s a great challenge.’


On a favourite Carole King song…

‘It’s difficult to choose a favourite Carole King song because there are so many good songs – some that sometimes you don’t even realise were written by her. I’d say one of my favourite songs is Beautiful, I love the words. I think that it’s a great sentiment, you’ve got to wake up in the morning and be positive and that’s how you are beautiful to the world, because you’re showing your positivity and that rings true with me, I think that’s a great way to be if you can.’


On her first Carole King memory…

‘I’m a singer songwriter as well and so I’ve grown up listening to her and a number of other songwriters, but the thing I remember most was getting Tapestry and listening to ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ on repeat, because it was just so uplifting, and her voice is so incredible on it. She’s so passionate and so that album is very inspiring to me.’