Cast Interview: Adam Howden

We caught up with Adam Howden who is currently playing Donnie Kirshner in Beautiful the Musical, to find out more about his musical inspirations and why he thinks Carole King’s music is so timeless.


Q: What is your favourite song from Beautiful the Musical, and why?

A: It’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, I remember if from all the music my mum used to play around the house. I had no idea King / Goffin wrote it.


Q: Why do you think Carole’s King’s music is so successful?

A: She’s always understood what is popular at that moment in time. Her music makes the hairs on your arms stand up.


Q: Finish the sentence: After watching Beautiful the Musical you will leave the theatre feeling…

A: All the feelings…


Q: What / Who inspired you to be a performer?

A: 1990’s Jonny Depp and the films Some Like it Hot, Willow, Empire of the Sun, Ghostbusters, Trading Places and Weird Science.


Q: Tell us a fun fact about you:

A: I have an allotment and grow up own fruit and veg. And I love cats.


Q: Describe Beautiful the Musical in 3 words:

A: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful


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